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Clicker Based Learning – What Are The Advantages?

What are Clickers?

Student response systems, commonly referred to as ‘clickers’, are interactive solutions designed to increase engagement in the learning process between teachers or facilitators and students. Using clickers, teachers can seamlessly ask any number of questions in the classroom and instantly collect responses or feedback. This data can be then used to generate insights for the teacher to understand their students better and develop data driven strategy to improve learning outcomes.

Why are they useful?

Clickers allow teachers to instantly gauge the effectiveness of their lesson or lecture and help with quicker decision making on whether to continue or reteach concepts. This visibility into the classroom progress helps teachers to chart out customized learning paths and bridge learning gaps.

The data collected can then be used to create reports and statistics, which over consistent usage, can reveal minute details about each and every student, thus allowing individualized engagement and learning.

Since each student is given a clicker, it also ensures that every student has a voice, and their input is considered in the teaching-learning process. This increases class participation and interaction, and thus makes learning fun.

Why are we different?

Class Saathi clickers are the world’s first and only Bluetooth clicker devices that connect to a mobile phone, and thus can work without internet and electricity. This ensures that schools in any context can be digitized without the need to install additional infrastructure. We believe that education technology should create equity, and empower the existing ecosystem, not disrupt it.

All of our technology is patented, and we are a Samsung spinoff company led by an IIT Kanpur and Harvard Business School graduate.



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