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Class Saathi – Our product line

At TagHive, we believe we have the perfect recipe to help students succeed. Some of the best minds in the country came together to develop our app, Class Saathi, which we believe is the best online learning app for Classes 6,7,8,9, and 10.

Keeping the dynamic learning environment in mind, we have come up with various solutions, each tailored to the need of the hour. Our power lies in the way we adapt to any situation with extreme ease and we make sure we involve our users in the development process. We listen to your needs and we take your feedback extremely seriously. Keeping all these factors in mind, we have created multiple lines of products, crafted to be the one-stop online solution for all NCERT solutions.

Our offerings:

At-home learning app – We encourage learning from home through our new “Homework” feature that allows teachers to administer tests remotely. Once the students take the test, the reports are collated and published instantly for all the key stakeholders in the system – parents, teachers, and principals.

In-School Clicker solutions – Our flagship product is the clicker-based solution model that allows teachers to conduct formative assessments in Classrooms with the aid of our clickers. Teachers can project the quiz through their phones and students can administer their response through a hand-held remote like a clicker. The reports are collated and published instantly which allows teachers to offer immediate remediation.

Free Quiz App – As the name suggests, our free quiz app is an endless reserve of challenging quizzes designed to eliminate the fear component attached to examinations. Students who use our free quiz app frequently have reported increased performances and confidence.

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