5 Ways to Teach Your Young Ones Multiplication Tables
February 23, 2022

Multiplication is a fantastic Mathematical concept and it can be used to have so much fun! There is a plethora of ways in which you can use multiplication as a method to bond with your children. Amongst many different ways, let this blog guide you on a few ways you can start teaching children multiplication tables.

1. Do multiplication charts

A fun post-lesson activity could be to fill in a multiplication table chart. Once they finish the chart, you can reward them. This system helps your young ones sharpen their mental Math skills and rewarding them for it will only increase their curiosity! You can download Whizz’s handy times table sheet for the same!

Times Table
Practice Multiplication Table

2. Educational card games

Want to battle it out the multiplication way? Here’s what you need to do. Get a deck of cards, both players have to draw from the pile at the same time and place the cards in front of them. Whoever correctly estimates the product of the two cards wins the round.

3. Short quizzes every now and then

The idea is to quiz your child in such a way that they remain alert for your quiz questions whenever. This also means that in general, they are sharpening their focus. However, be sure to do it as gap fillers, for instance, do a multiplication quiz when you are waiting for a bus at the bus stand or when you’re shopping.

4. Raise them to enjoy the process

Cultivating a taste for multiplication tables is a tough task however a highly achievable one. The best way to do it is by teaching them the easiest tables first and then the rest. This way, they also feel more confident about learning tougher ones progressively.

5. Multiplication Songs have a special place in the Math world

Songs about multiplication are a genre unto itself on the interest and if there is a way to get children to learn a new concept, it is highly recommended that you pick the song and dance method.

Multiplication is a game-changing Math concept as once you learn it, everything you learn after that relies on you knowing it. The fun thing though is that multiplication is also the most fun to practise and there are a million ways to do it. We have just mentioned 5. There are more ways in which you can and one thing you should definitely do is download Class Saathi to test and challenge yourself on the same!

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