Bluetooth Clickers Are Better. But Why?
February 03, 2023

Bluetooth clickers and IR (infrared) clickers are remote control devices used to control various devices like presentations, televisions, and multimedia devices. However, Bluetooth clickers surpass IR clickers in terms of advancement for several reasons.

First and foremost, Bluetooth has a much greater range than IR. Bluetooth technology operates on a frequency of 2.4GHz, which allows it to transmit signals up to 10 meters, while IR has a limited range of around 5-10 meters. This implies that you can utilize Bluetooth clickers to control your device from a greater distance, granting you more freedom of movement during assessments or other events.

Another advantage of Bluetooth clickers over IR clickers is that they are less susceptible to interference. Bluetooth operates on a distinct frequency from IR, reducing the likelihood of interference from other devices or environmental factors that can disrupt IR signals. This guarantees accurate and consistent control of your device.

Bluetooth clickers also offer multi-device compatibility, meaning you can pair the clicker with multiple devices, allowing you to control multiple devices with a single clicker. This is particularly useful if you have several devices you need to control in different scenarios, as it saves you from having to use multiple remote controls.

FeatureBluetooth ClickersIR ClickersRFID Clickers
Wireless RangeModerate to LongShortShort to Moderate
ConnectivityRequires BluetoothRequires Line-of-SightRequires proximity
Device LimitTypically highLimitedLimited
Battery LifeModerate to LongModerateLong
Setup ComplexityEasyEasyModerate
CostModerate to HighLow to ModerateModerate to High
CompatibilityWidely compatibleLimitedLimited
Data CollectionReal-timeReal-timeReal-time
Here's a comparison table between Bluetooth, Infrared, and Radio Frequency Identification clickers

In conclusion, they offer a more advanced and convenient solution compared to IR clickers. With their longer range, increased immunity to interference, multi-device compatibility, and rechargeable batteries, Bluetooth clickers are a must-have for anyone looking for a more efficient way to control their devices.

School girl using Class Saathi Bluetooth clicker in classroom for formative assessment
School girl using Class Saathi Bluetooth clicker in classroom

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