Building For Future Surveying The Past: How We Made It Sustainable?
February 24, 2021

What does it mean to design a product that is sustainable? What is it about technology that brings an idea to life and grows with it? Or what it is like to deliver an idea that bypasses all other dynamics to emerge as one that is obviously the right solution?

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak with Apple Computer
Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs with Apple I
Tony Avelar | Bloomberg | Getty Images

When Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs built the first Apple product (Apple I) 45 years ago, did they imagine they were going to leave behind a legacy that outlives them? Did they ever think that they would have a customer base readily waiting for them to announce their next big gig, over so many years? What is it about these designs that have a preconceived need even before the product comes to life?

With the pandemic restructuring the way we consume technology; the globe is now an echo chamber that demands sustainability as the core component. Have we built a system that embodies all the aforementioned spirits?

At TagHive, we are constantly grappling with these questions. We want to provide tech solutions that will supersede all dynamic issues to emerge truly successful. Have we done that just yet? We believe we have and let us show you how!

1. TagHive made overcoming digital divide its mission in 2017:

We championed the need for digital interventions before the pandemic highlighted it as a global inequity. We founded our company on the premise that every child must have access to technology regardless of their socioeconomic status. (For a full story, watch this video!)

2. We offer diverse solutions:

Our product is robust and adapts very easily to any learning environment, be it at school or at home. It can be used by schools at large to standardize assessments, by teachers running tuition programs at home or parents looking for creative ways to engage their children.

Blueprint of Class Saathi clicker device
Class Saathi is designed to be adaptable to any user type

3. We are a fully integrated learning environment:

Nobody needs to model a learning environment to use our product. Class Saathi, in itself, is a holistic learning environment with Formative Assessments driving learning interventions for children. Parents, teachers and administrators can monitor student progress remotely as well!

4. We innovate:

The pandemic may have given us food for thought. But, by and large, we have always prided ourselves on creating technology that survives the test of time. We not only think about the needs of the hour, but we also think about how to nurture innovative features that will leave a lasting creative legacy. For example, we now have a feature for teachers to assign homework to students remotely!

5. We don’t cater to one particular audience:

Sustainability is often confused for longevity. While it does go hand in hand, we believe that sustainability means to cater to problems at a micro level so the solutions can have a deep impact at a global level.

We do not identify with one customer base alone. We deliver our technology to the neediest segments of society while we also support students in private schools who want additional, fun learning experiences.

The pandemic truly did pave the way for most organisations to embody the spirit of sustainability. Need-based solutions, however important, are only short term.

We at TagHive, have made it our conscious MO to operate on the principles of creativity, sustainability and impact and through that, we have also chartered our growth.

We are moving forward with the aim to make our Class Saathi app a prime component in education. Alongside, we are attempting constantly surveying, re-evaluating and re-purposing our solutions to a customer base, in the desire that they are eagerly waiting for it.

200K+ app downloads later, we are happy to report that we are climbing steadily towards everything our customers desire and our company does too!

Click here for a product brochure with an overview of all Class Saathi solutions!

If you’d like to discuss how Class Saathi can help you, simply drop us an email at [email protected].

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