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Class 9

We know that Class 9 pressure spares nobody. This is board exam territory and obviously, it is serious business. Serious, however, does not mean boring. How can we make Class 9 learning fun? The answer is very simple – download Class Saathi, our NCERT-based MCQ app for Class 9 students.

The Class Saathi app has an endless reserve of quizzes, designed especially for CBSE and NCERT curricula, to help students learn better on their own. Each question in the app is attached to a concept, which in turn is attached to a revision card if you get the answer wrong. The AI-based learning app also comes with embedded video tutorials covering each concept and students can find all these learning resources in one single view.

There’s nothing more useful than mock quizzes when it comes to gaining proficiency in subjects like Maths and Science that have a lot of fear attached to them. We want you to feel the pressure that will only enhance your productivity. Anything more is detrimental and to help ease it, we have customizable NCERT MCQ quizzes, based on various factors that can cater to the individual learning needs of each student that uses our app. Get on Class Saathi, the best AI-based MCQ app to access the best MCQ quizzes for Class 9.

Get onboard Class Saathi today to smash your Class scores straight out of the park. Those pesky formative assessments and summative assessments will only get easier the more you practice your learning through us. We guarantee you a fully immersive experience along with a whole lot of fun.

Keep learning with Class Saathi!

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