Class Saathi Bengaluru Conclave 2023 – Highlights
December 13, 2023

Last week, Bengaluru played host to a closed conclave that brought together educators not just from the city itself but also from various surrounding places, including Mysore and Haveri. The event, organized by TagHive, the creators of Class Saathi, backed by Samsung, was a celebration of educational excellence and innovation.

Innovative Features Unveiled

During the conclave, Class Saathi took the opportunity to showcase its cutting-edge features, including Saathi Genie and Saathi Tutor, which captured the attention of educators from different regions. These features are designed to create an enriched and technologically advanced learning environment.

Awards and Celebrations

The conclave was not just a gathering; it was a celebration of the schools that have successfully incorporated Class Saathi in their classrooms. Top-performing schools were recognized and celebrated with awards, trophies, vouchers, and gifts. It was heartening to witness educators sharing their success stories, emphasizing the positive impact of Class Saathi on both teachers and students.

Impact Report Unveiled

An important highlight of the conclave was the release of the Class Saathi Impact Report, meticulously compiled by the third-party analysis agency, ImpactDash. The key findings were impressive, indicating a 2x increase in classroom participation, a remarkable 3x increase in learning outcomes, and a substantial 25% increase in student attendance.

Feedback from Educators and Students

The report also featured feedback from teachers and students alike. Notably, 97% of teachers reported an increase in the participation of shy students, and 94% believed that Class Saathi had significantly improved the learning atmosphere in their classrooms. Furthermore, 87% of students acknowledged that Class Saathi had led to improved retention and understanding of concepts.

CEO's Presentation and Grand Lunch:

The conclave reached its pinnacle with a grand lunch hosted at a Taj property in Bengaluru, featuring the CEO and Founder of TagHive, Mr. Pankaj Agarwal who joined the event from Seoul, South Korea. The CEO presented the innovative solution to the educators gathered that day, underlining how Class Saathi has the potential to transform assessment practices and create a more dynamic and participatory learning experience in every classroom.

Bengaluru Conclave was a testament to the impact and success of Class Saathi in the realm of education. As the conclave slogan resonates, it's about transforming classrooms, one click at a time!

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