Class Saathi Can Benefit Both Students and Teachers
March 09, 2020

Class Saathi has revolutionized classroom learning, turning the simplest of classrooms into smart classrooms! This unique ed-tech solution is truly one of a kind and has had a resonating impact not only on attendance but also on learning outcomes, both of which have seen a drastic increase! Here’s what some of the teachers have to say -

Kids now have a better understanding of how to solve MCQ type questions! - Ms Preeti Shukla (UPS Umraha)

Class Saathi works through an app on any smartphone and with the help of low-cost clickers which are engaging, fun and easy to use, given to each student. The app itself has numerous features powered by artificial intelligence (AI) like personalized quizzes that have an expansive 15,000+ questions prepared by IITians! Students can use its features, such as taking tests from home, to experience learning beyond the classroom constraints.

Composite school students in Varanasi using Class Saathi for quick assessments

The IQ level of kids is increasing due to the Quiz feature in this app. They are also showing more interest in learning! - Ms Manju Verma (UPS Sarsaul)

The personalized quizzes and tests are able to deliver real-time feedback, giving the teacher a comprehensive analysis of each student’s individual progress and skills and the learning levels of the entire class.
This data is essential in helping the teacher better tailor the lessons according to the required areas of improvement, making each lesson that much more beneficial. This recommendation-based quizzing has therefore led to a stark increase in the students’ productivity, creativity and eagerness to learn.

Additionally, while the educational features of this tool are assuredly noteworthy, its administrative attributes are just as strong. The clickers and the app's real-time feedback now enable teachers to complete time-consuming tasks like marking attendance or generating quarterly and yearly reviews quickly.

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