Class Saathi For Class 6

We understand that effective learning requires active engagement and continuous practice. One way to achieve this is through mock tests and MCQs, which allow students to apply what they have learned and identify areas where they need improvement.

Class Saathi, a CBSE, and NCERT-compliant (Check our Grade 6 syllabus here) best MCQ app for Class 6 students, offers an extensive reserve of quizzes for all chapters and subjects, making it one of the most widely sought NCERT Solutions for Class 6.

With Class Saathi, students can fix their learning lags at any point by engaging with fun NCERT-based MCQs for Class 6. The app takes the fear away from examinations, helping students score better and have quicker response rates in examinations than those who don't use the app.

This is because the app offers unlimited quizzes on various topics, allowing students to manage their learning levels in the comfort of their own homes.

The app also provides concept cards attached to each question, which give students the correct explanation through a simple diagram or a video or BOTH. This approach helps students understand the concepts better and improve their examination performance.

Additionally, Class Saathi offers previous years' papers to students to improve their scores, providing them with the necessary practice and motivation to excel in their studies.

In summary, Class Saathi is an effective study buddy for Class 6 students, offering NCERT-based MCQs, quizzes, and concept cards to help them improve their learning outcomes.

We highly recommend this app to students to practice and enhance their knowledge and skills in all subjects, including Science, Maths, English, and Social Science.