Why Schools Choose Us

With our one ear always close to the ground, Class Saathi enables schools and teachers to continue wielding their superpowers while creating meaningful 'smart' classrooms. It serves as a personalized learning platform, a digital assessment solution, and a diagnostic tool, resulting in 100% classroom engagement and thus, learning outcomes.

Works On Any

Captivate students on Class Saathi.
Built for all platforms, now you can 'create once and assess everywhere'.

Uses The World's
First Clicker Device

With 22 patents and registered trademarks, Class Saathi uses world's first and only Bluetooth based clicker device. Experience seamless connectivity with your students.

Does Not Require
Internet Connection

Class Saathi is affordable and doesn't require schools to upgrade their infrastructure. “No internet” and “No electricity” aren't the limiting factors in making classrooms smart.

30000+ Questions
In All Subjects

Choose varied levelled questions from our question bank prepared by IITians and subject experts.
Revision? Class Saathi hai na!

Aligned to National
Education Policy '20

Transforming the culture of assessments with the goals of NEP 2020. Shift from summative assessments to regular and formative assessments.

Powered By
Proprietary Saathi AI

Our in-house AI - Saathi AI works on bridging learning gaps, sharpening the learning edge, and bringing stakeholders together using state-of-the-art tools.

Bluetooth Dongle


Teacher Clicker


Student Clickers

User Manual

Let's Hear From Them

We are very happy to have partnered with TagHive for driving our education-based social impact initiatives. Teachers are liking the visual appeal of the solution, how easy it is to upload questions and conduct assessments, and how they can instantly generate class and topic-wise statistics. Students have also been enjoying the learning process, and teachers are appreciating the meaningful impact it has on classroom engagement. This has added a lot more value to the quality of education.

Niraj Lal, Head CSR,
Arvind Ltd.

Earlier I felt a bit hesitant to give answers in a classroom. It almost felt like everyone was watching me and that always made me uncomfortable to answer. But since we have gotten Class Saathi clickers in my classroom, I have started giving answers. I feel heard by my teacher and the animal sounds that come after we submit our response makes answering questions more fun and engaging.

Arshad Mohammed, Composite School,
Uttar Pradesh

My name is Yuvakshi Grover and I am 12 years old. I have been active on Class Saathi for a year now.My favorite part about Class Saathi is that there are exciting monthly contests to challenge your learning and earn amazing goodies and gifts. I believe that other students can also use Class Saathi because it improves our skills and knowledge in Maths and Science.

Yuvakshi Grover,
Grade 7