Why Schools Choose Us

Class Saathi is a combination of a clicker device for teachers and students, and an application for teachers, students, parents and principals that integrates with all platforms, allowing them to observe and comprehend students’ learning outcomes instantly!

Works On All

Class Saathi is seamlessly compatible across all devices and operating systems, including smartphones, desktops, laptops, interactive panels, projectors, Windows, iOS, and Mac, ensuring accessibility for every student, enabling learning from anywhere and at any time.

Uses The World's
First Bluetooth Clicker

Revolutionizing classroom interaction with the world's first Bluetooth-based student and teacher clickers, enhancing engagement and feedback.

Does Not Require
Internet Connection

Class Saathi offers affordability and requires no infrastructure upgrades for schools, ensuring accessibility even in areas with limited internet and electricity, making classrooms smarter without constraints.

5,00,000+ Questions
In All Subjects

Access diverse question levels curated by IITians and subject experts for effective revision sessions. With Class Saathi, revision is hassle-free.

Aligned to National
Education Policy '20

Embarking on a journey to transform assessment culture in line with NEP 2020 goals! Say goodbye to old-school summative assessments and hello to a dynamic world of regular, interactive formative evaluations.

Powered By
Proprietary Saathi AI

Class Saathi revolutionizes education by leveraging AI to bridge learning gaps, sharpen skills, and unite stakeholders. It empowers teachers with time-saving efficiency and accuracy, while keeping them and students updated on AI advancements, ensuring readiness for the future of education.

Saathi Genie
For Teachers

Imagine having a magical assistant at your fingertips, ready to grant your teaching wishes! With Saathi Genie, you can craft captivating quizzes, ignite discussions with interactive polls, assign enchanting homework, and conjure up tests effortlessly! Saathi Genie doesn't just grant wishes, it helps you track student progress and receive detailed reports to guide your teaching journey.

Saathi Tutor
For Students

Saathi Tutor, your round-the-clock 1:1 coach, ready to tackle your doubts and boost your confidence! With its AI-based assistance, Saathi Tutor stands by your side 24/7, offering personalized support during exams and revisions. Whether you're stuck on a tricky problem or seeking clarification, Saathi Tutor is here to help, ensuring no question goes unanswered. Say hello to stress-free studying and hello to academic excellence with Saathi Tutor - your trusted study companion!

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Student Clickers

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Let's Hear From The Users

We are very happy to have partnered with TagHive for driving our education-based social impact initiatives. Teachers like the visual appeal, the ease to upload questions, conduct assessments, and instantly generate class and topic-wise statistics. Students have been enjoying the learning process, and teachers are appreciating the meaningful impact on classroom engagement. This has added a lot more value to the quality of education.

Niraj Lal, Head CSR
Arvind Foundation

TagHive's Class Saathi has shown remarkable efficiency as a tool for instant evaluation in the classroom for all subjects. This has helped enhance the student's interest and helped teachers give individual attention to students, thereby boosting learning outcomes. We are glad we have introduced this in our institution.

Thilaka Ananthaveera Jain, Principal
Rotary English School
Moodabidri, Karnataka

Class Saathi's Bluetooth-enabled clickers are a very worthy technological innovation that aids in real-time assessment and fills the gap in learning. It makes the end of lessons seem fun and encourages children to be more alert in the classroom. It completes the full circle of technological intervention in education.

Sandesh C, Principal
Green Valley English School