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Class 7

Hi genius, you are now in 7th grade! Have you figured out a learning system yet? Do you know how to make your CBSE Formative and Summative assessments easier? Want to know how to ace those examinations? Download Class Saathi, the best MCQ app for Class 7.

Class Saathi has an extensive range of quizzes for all your CBSE needs. We know that acing the 7th standard is crucial in setting the stage for how you learn in all your higher Classes. Our NCERT-based quiz solution for Class 7 has been designed to help students feel more confident about examinations.

Our MCQ app for CBSE students is designed to tackle all the tough questions that come from topics like Symmetry, Lines and Angles, Motion and Time, Respiration, you name it.

After learning each Science and Maths chapter in school, come home to take a mock quiz that will help you evaluate your understanding level from Class. Our NCERT-based MCQ quizzes are designed to help students learn better as we provide you with material that will help you rectify your errors if you do get any questions wrong. What’s more? Each question has a corresponding concept card that explains the concept attached to the question if you do get a question wrong.

If you learn with us, we can assure you that those pesky formative assessments and scary summative assessments will all be a walk in the park.

Want to know how to ace your Class 7? Simply download Class Saathi, the best AI-based learning app for Class 7, and get onboard the learning journey with many more students like yourself.

We wish you the best of success in Class 7!

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