Creating Equitable Opportunities – Class Saathi Democratises Education
March 16, 2021

The global technology revolution has surely made the world a smaller place. According to Our World in Data, 27,000 people are online for the first time every hour. Imagine the potency of this statistic - what is it like living in a globe where ease of access has allowed for the world to communicate and learn on such a large scale? What does this mean for all the people who are able to get onboard with this paradigm shift?

To say the least, the world of technology and the internet have managed to create a fairly democratic virtual world. Information sharing has been so easy, especially for companies and think tanks working in education.

This new age of information technology has also given birth to what we know as education technology - an avenue that has created opportunities for companies to create digital learning experiences for students even in the most remote areas of the world. One such company is ours, and at TagHive, we believe that we are empowering a truly democratic system through our product, Class Saathi.

Let us explore how Class Saathi enables democratising education:

1. Our at home learning app has free quizzes for learning:

Gone are the days where students have to pay hefty money to access learning packages. We have made it possible for students everywhere to access quizzes and learning manuals designed by IIT-ians for free. Log on to our Class Saathi app to test your knowledge!

We offer 25k+ practice questions for free in our at-home learning app.
We offer in our at-home learning app 25k+ practice questions for free

2. We bring experts to students free of cost:

We have put together learning guides and assessments designed by some of the leading minds across the country. Students can avail their services without incurring any cost through our at-home learning app. Our only aim is to improve learning outcomes of students everywhere so that they can access equitable learning opportunities.

3. Our technology is adaptable:

We provide services that can adapt to different environments without any additional investments. Our products are highly adaptable and very dynamic and it is designed to cater to everybody, regardless of their socio-economic circumstances. What could be more levelling and democratic than that?

Class Saathi can be used at school or home with and without mobile or computer.
Class Saathi is highly adaptable - it can cover any type of learning environment

4. Holds all stakeholders equally responsible:

In a democracy, all levels of participants are held accountable for their duties. Class Saathi believes in connecting all the major stakeholders in the learning process- parents, teachers and admins. This is a truly democratic system since everybody is working to realise common educational goals without the need for asserting any hampering hierarchies.

5. Makes students independent and helps them make informed decisions:

Democracy enables the exercising of informed decision making. When students can drive their own learning outcomes through real-time assessment scores, they know exactly where they need to consolidate their focus. Class Saathi helps students by giving them real-time feedback and concept-based tutorials so students can drive their own learning outcomes.

Class Saathi lets students drive their own learning outcomes with our feedback-revision flow.
Class Saathi lets students drive their own learning outcomes with our feedback-revision flow

We know that the advent of technology and the internet paved ways for many new opportunities. Having said that, we are also aware that this growing need for technology and the internet have birthed a new variety of problems - the digital divide.

On one hand, we have the world growing into a smaller place, but on the other side, we see people falling off the access channels simply because they are too poor to afford it. That is where we enter to make an impact.

We have consolidated effort and resources to make sure a first-generation student in some remote part of the country has the same access to information as a third-generation college aspirant. We make this possible either by attaching a very nominal cost or even free.

Would like to discuss how Class Saathi can help you? Reach out to us at[email protected] now!

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