Founder’s Favourite Class Saathi Features
March 24, 2021

We have been speaking a lot about how Class Saathi benefits students and we believe every word that we’ve spoken is wholly true. While the benefits are many, we haven’t yet shared with our readers what our app’s best features are.

For the sake of this article, we roped in Pankaj Agarwal, our founder and CEO to tell us what his favourite features are and who best to hear it from other than the creator of the app himself?

Pankaj Agarwal, CEO and Founder of TagHive
Who best to hear it from other than the creator of the app himself?

To break it down better, we asked Pankaj to talk about some of his favourite features in the two most popular variants of our app:

  1. The free quiz app available for download on the app store
  2. The clicker-based solution model

Our free quiz app:

Pankaj designed our free quiz app with the aim of giving students everywhere an opportunity to create their own learning environment. He believes that students should feel empowered enough to be the master of their own academic learning curve and it is with motive that the free Class Saathi quiz app was produced.

The app has a reserve of quizzes for students from Class 6th to Class 10th, designed by IITians from around the world. Each quiz report is designed to curate key performance indicators that allow students to work on strengthening their concepts. It also has an answer key designed for aural and visual learners.

Here’s what Pankaj loves about the free quiz app: “The free quiz app’s best feature is its mock test segment. It helps students learn independently. Another great feature about the app is that it churns out certificates of excellence every time a student hits a study milestone!” We love receiving certificates and we think the learners who use our app do too!

The clicker-based solution model:

This model of our product has been designed to make any classroom smart with very little investment. Our clicker based solution model is a clicker for each student and an app for the teacher.

When paired with the app, the clicker allows students to respond to multiple choice questions in real time. The teacher’s app curates report on key performance indicators that also show them where to focus their remediation efforts on.

Here’s what Pankaj loves about the clicker-based solution model: “The best thing about our clicker based solution model is that it requires no internet to function at all. Our clickers can operate anywhere without an internet connection or electricity. The app gives teachers and principals data points straight from the source without any bias or error.

The best feature however, is that through the app, teachers can sort seating arrangements and pair students in such a manner that it promotes peer learning.” We love that so much thought and meticulous planning have gone into the creation of all these features!

Blueprint of Class Saathi clicker device
So much thought and meticulous planning have gone into the creation of Saathi. Indeed!

So go ahead and check out our free quiz app or get in touch with us to see a demo of our clicker-based solution model! We promise it will be worth your time!

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