Learn Anytime, Anywhere with Class Saathi
April 02, 2020

Today, ed-tech solutions have revolutionized learning and student development by going beyond the confines of traditional classrooms. They do not just provide students a unique, digital approach to their coursework but also facilitate increased access which assures that the students can study anywhere, anytime! As a result, ed-tech solutions have greatly impacted the results of learning and boosted student engagement, stimulating creativity and engendering growth on an individual level.

Class Saathi - an adaptive quiz based ed-tech solution

Class Saathi- an adaptive quiz based ed-tech solution goes a step further. Students and their parents can use this learning app through a smartphone. With no constraints of a physical classroom, the app gives students access to their entire coursework and tools all the time. The IITians have prepared over 30,000 questions for tools like personalized quizzes, making learning interactive and interesting.

Furthermore, each quiz in this recommendation-based quizzing format provides real-time feedback, and the system accumulates the data against the student's profile. This ensures that the next quiz attempted is based on the learning level of the student and focuses on the parts of the course that need improvement!

Student using self-learning feature of Class Saathi mobile app at home
Student using Class Saathi mobile app for self-learning
Self-assessment dashboard of Class Saathi mobile app
Self-assessment feature in Class Saathi mobile app

Additionally, the real-time feedback generates regular reports based on detailed statistics that help the parents to monitor the child’s progress and if needed, offers an open channel of communication with the teachers as well. As such, Class Saathi has given parents an ideal platform to be more involved in their child’s academics, thus strengthening their bond.


Class Saathi has indeed taken learning beyond the classroom and has succeeded in providing a holistic platform for overall student development by making learning fun, creative and appealing!

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