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NCERT Syllabus for Class 6 Maths & Science

Class 6 Maths and Science

What’s a fun way to learn Maths and Science in Class 6? The short answer is Class Saathi. Class Saathi, as the name suggests, is your study buddy that will help you learn best by providing you with an endless reserve of NCERT-based MCQ quizzes. 

Get exam ready with questions that will help you prepare for any tough papers. Our AI-based learning app is fully CBSE and NCERT compliant and covers concepts under each chapter in your Class 6 curriculum for Maths and Science. Want to know all the chapters we cover in Class 6? Review the list below to see if anything is missing!


Chapter 1: Knowing Our Numbers
Chapter 2: Whole Numbers
Chapter 3: Playing with Numbers
Chapter 4: Basic Geometrical Ideas
Chapter 5: Understanding Elementary Shapes
Chapter 6: Integers
Chapter 7: Fractions
Chapter 8: Decimals
Chapter 9: Data Handling
Chapter 10: Mensuration
Chapter 11: Algebra
Chapter 12: Ratio and Proportion
Chapter 13: Symmetry
Chapter 14: Practical Geometry


Chapter 1: Food: Where Does It Come From?
Chapter 2: Components of Food
Chapter 3: Fibre to Fabric
Chapter 4: Sorting Materials Into Groups
Chapter 5: Separation of Substances
Chapter 6: Changes Around Us
Chapter 7: Getting to Know Plants
Chapter 8: Body Movements
Chapter 9: The Living Organisms and Their Surroundings
Chapter 10: Motion and Measurement of Distances
Chapter 11: Lights, Shadows, and Reflections
Chapter 12: Electricity and Circuits
Chapter 13: Fun With Magnets
Chapter 14: Water
Chapter 15: Air Around Us
Chapter 16: Garbage In, Garbage Out

Take unlimited quizzes on each of the aforementioned topics and manage your learning levels in the comfort of your home using our MCQ app for Class 6. To do that, download our app, register yourself and unlock a whole new world of quizzes. Take our daily mock tests to increase your learning outcomes. Got a few questions wrong? A concept card attached to each question will give you the correct explanation either through a simple diagram or a video or BOTH!

What’s more? We also give you certificates of excellence each time you show us that you’re ready to smash those CBSE Summative Assessments!

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