One Product, Many Facets : What makes Class Saathi Unique?
March 19, 2021

If we inspect what the ed-tech industry has to offer by way of products, we can see the same plethora of options curtain dressed by only marginally varying components. It is the same promise of turning any child into an academic genius that many of these companies offer.

It is not a bad thing for sure and parents are finding more creative ways to engage their children with their subjects. However, the Indian academic system is still hampered by the age-old problems: finding different yet more nuanced ways to make learning a more pressurising experience.

As one can imagine, these offerings are rarely built for everybody. Like in most businesses, ed-tech companies choose their target audience and more often than not, it is usually a group of people who can afford to pay exorbitant fees to access these models.

At TagHive, we do things very differently. We want children to be able to manage their own learning outcomes with only support from their parents, teachers and administrators. Through our unique assessment models, we want to give action points that encourage and facilitate remediate learning instead of building an atmosphere of pressure and panic for students.

What’s even more important is that we do it keeping the costs either free or super low so that no child is left behind especially during this time that calls for tech integration in classrooms. For that reason, we have built three varying models for our one product.

The Class Saathi clicker-based solution model:

Our flagship product is an extremely affordable AI powered clicker-based assessment model that requires no internet connection or electricity to function. Teachers can use the formative assessments over the Class Saathi app and elicit a response from their entire classroom with the clickers that each student is tagged to.

Class Saathi is a bluetooth clicker based solution
Class Saathi is a clicker based solution

This allows for teachers to collate real time action points that can facilitate immediate remediation for students struggling with concepts and chapters. It has proven to improve learning outcomes in students by 8%.

Digital assessment model:

This variant of our product came in handy especially during the pandemic when there was a need to track student progress. The pandemic placed great emphasis on online learning but educators had no way of knowing the impact of these online methods.

We came up with a model that allows for teachers, parents and administrators to track student progress remotely which also tabulates specifics like question, skill, grade, gender wise performances. Imagine the power of that!

Class Saathi's digital assessment model enables remote tracking of student progress.
The digital assessment model that enables remote tracking of student progress

Class Saathi’s free quiz variant:

We believe in providing support and resources to any student who wants to learn. Which is why Class Saathi’s open source quizzes are game changing. Students from standard 6-10th have access to an endless reserve of Math and Science quizzes based on key concepts as prescribed by the NCERT and designed by IITians. Each question also has a video or written explanation that is designed to help students fill in the gaps in their knowledge on their own.

Take quizzes using Class Saathi app
Class Saathi’s open-source quizzes are game changing

Class Saathi is designing a truly unique experience for all the stakeholders in the system with only effective teaching and learning as its primary returns. We want students to enjoy learning without the cumbersome pressure of being trained to achieve big tasks overnight through expensive learning packages.

We want to create gradual and progressive steps that will help them become the doctors, engineers or IAS officers they want to be, especially for those children who have every speck of intelligence to credit their youth but not enough money.

We believe that we are changing the game by giving tech access to students in the most remote and under resourced areas so that they can stand shoulder-shoulder with their more privileged counterparts.

Would like to discuss how Class Saathi can help you? Reach out to us at[email protected]now!

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