Revamp Classroom Teaching With These Class Saathi Tips
February 21, 2020


Integrating technology in the classroom is an evolutionary process and requires practice. There is a massive urge to use technology in classrooms these days, and it is evident.

The purpose of integrating technology in schools is to improve the educational outcomes and to equip the students for their future. Having proper access to technology and the ability to use it is essential and represents one of the main skills required in the workplace.

Educational institutions right from schools to colleges have embraced technology for teaching. Technology can be customized and intrinsically motivate students to learn better.

It is a proven fact that technology has improved the learning capabilities of the students to a greater extent as the classes are livelier than the traditional ones.

Benefits of Integrating Technology in Classrooms

Technology in classrooms allows the students easy access to valuable information and offers a wide range of solutions to the problems to improve the students' grade. It enables the teachers to assess and focus on each student's strengths and weaknesses.

All what teacher has to do is to develop an approach that triggers the student's thinking abilities. The teachers should focus on mastering teaching skills in technology and should guide the students accordingly.

Technology-driven classrooms changed the pedagogy of learning. The introduction of Class Saathi has proven to enhance teaching, learning and students’ achievement in their academics.

Class Saathi has saved a lot of time for various activities of a teacher such as maintaining attendance records of the students, and evaluating their performance and giving instant feedback.

Meanwhile, students felt the classes to be more interesting, fun and creative with technology. Technology has helped the students to retain information better. Since the educational apps are designed for individuals, students are allowed to learn at their own pace.

Challenges in Incorporating Technology in Classrooms

Integrating technology in classrooms comes with a lot of disadvantages. If teachers are not trained to use technology effectively, incorporating technology in classrooms is pointless for students; more than benefiting rather it will hinder their performance.

Additionally, one should consider requirements from students, classroom structure, training time for teachers, and cost.

Classroom Teaching Made Easy with Class Saathi

Class Saathi is an affordable classroom clicker solution with a free app and inexpensive clickers that last for a longer time with affordable batteries. Clickers benefit both students and teachers.

Using Class Saathi doesn't require teachers to invest a lot of time in training. They only need a smartphone and simple clickers. It can be easily implemented in classrooms, regardless of the infrastructure or classroom structure.

Bottom Line

Integrating technology in the classroom and the shift towards technology-driven classrooms from the traditional ones are on the rise and it excites the students as well as techno-savvy educators.

In addition to this, the students’ engagement in learning, academic achievement and their overall growth is rising too. To continue achieving this, teachers should pay their time and attention to plan an effective integration of technology.

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