Smart Classrooms And The Power They Hold
March 13, 2020

The first thing which pops in our mind when we think of a classroom would be a room with a faded blackboard, a few wooden benches and tables and a teacher with a few pieces of chalk and a dusty duster in his hand. You can also visualize a few charts on the walls explaining some important things.

But, with the advancements in technology today the management of many educational institutions and schools are inhabiting the developed smart classrooms to show a new concept of the classroom to their students.

Introduction to a Smart Classroom

A lecture room that is technologically smart and can provide learning and teaching opportunities to increase learning outcomes much better than ever, is known as a Smart Classroom.

Smart classrooms make learning fascinating by adopting new high-end digital technology, learning devices, special software products, and visual and audio systems with unlimited questions and adaptive quiz programs.

In today’s competitive world, it has become essential to provide quality education to every child by updating his skills with the help of the latest technologies. Introducing smart classrooms in today's education system has elevated the level of education.

Instead of taking away the students from education, these smart classrooms have provided them new opportunities in the existing setup of traditional classrooms.

Why do we need Smart Classrooms?

Today smart classrooms have become the need of the time due to their salient features like:

Collaborative Learning: Class Saathi, powered by Artificial Intelligence, is a quiz platform that allows students from Class 6 to Class 10 to assess their intelligence level and remain engaged in their learning.

Teachers and students can collectively use interactive displays to enhance their thoughts and clarify doubts using specific features and characteristics.

Introducing Class Saathi to students in school
Students in the classroom are using Class Saathi clickers

Interactive Display: To showcase active, multimedia content on plasma screens, LCD screens, or storefront glass windows. The system of a smart classroom can make a flat surface interactive by using camera-based devices with technology to recognize gestures.

App to assist teachers: Even in traditional classrooms teachers used to have assistants to help them. Similarly, in smart classrooms, there are apps to help them in preparing lessons for their students so that they can teach them concepts more effectively.

Curated Educational Material: A vast amount of curated teaching content is available online, which teachers, school administrators, and parents can utilize for classroom education by applying filters and accessing the latest information.

Creation of Lesson-Plan: Today’s smart classrooms have allowed the teachers to get rid of planning the lessons carefully as now they can plan lessons with the help of apps even at the last moment. They can get information regarding a particular topic within a few minutes just by logging in the assistant and asking it.

Remote Access to the Classroom: If students or teachers cannot attend the classroom due to any reason including illness even then they will not miss their teaching and learning as the smart classroom allows them to access their class even remotely. Students can attend their class from where they are with the permission of their teacher.

Animated Videos and Modules: Today’s educational system and smart classrooms have increased the level of smartness of the students as they can use the internet as an alternative source to get information of any kind.

Smart classrooms attract children who are familiar with internet usage as they display animated content, including pictures, videos, and audio related to their lessons. It helps the students to understand and remember their lessons more easily along with improving the style of teaching.

About Class Saathi

Class Saathi, powered by Artificial Intelligence, is a quiz platform that allows students from Class 6 to Class 10 to assess their intelligence level and remain engaged in their learning.

In the classroom, Class Saathi provides mobile solutions for the students and teachers in the form of a clicker for students and apps for teachers, parents & administration.

They also provide a desktop solution to the in the form of a clicker for students and for the teacher, along with a desktop app for teachers. At home, they provide student solutions in the form of a learning app powered by Saathi AI.

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