Student Dropout at Bay, Thanks to Class Saathi!
July 18, 2019

One of the biggest problems in Indian government schools is high student dropout rate. On average, only 70% of Indian students graduate from school and the rate goes as low as 30% in some areas, such as Jharkhand.

Students' lack of interest in education and poor-quality teachings at schools cause the high dropout rate on the surface level. Since teaching is of low quality, students lack the motivation and interest to go to school. However, the issue is more fundamental: there is an underlying lack of trust between the main stakeholders of school.

The main stakeholders of school consist of education officers, teachers, parents and students. The problem is that all members lack trust in each other, which works as an obstacle to providing good education and keeping students at school.

Education officers do not trust that teachers give quality education due to their high absence rate and lack of competency. Teachers are unsatisfied with education officers controlling and monitoring them. Furthermore, they are unhappy with students’ lack of participation in classroom and parents’ lack of care for their children’s education.

For parents, they do not believe schools provide good education, and therefore see no incentive in sending their children to school. Finally, for students, they believe they do not learn much at school due to poor quality teaching.

This underlying lack of trust among members creates a vicious cycle that makes it hard to operate schools. Since each party do not believe the others will do a good job, they lack expectation and in turn put less effort into school education.

Then how do we solve this problem? How do we build trust among the stakeholders? The answer is through Class Saathi.

Education officers, teachers, parents, and students can benefit from Class Saathi, a clicker-based classroom solution. For education officers, it helps to monitor teacher performances automatically. App-collected data provides insight into teacher's attendance rate, competency, and performance level, enabling officers to access it.

They will be able to better monitor and manage schools without directly controlling the teachers. Teachers will be able to enhance the quality of their teaching by using the quiz and contents provided in the app. The quiz will make class more vibrant and help with students’ understanding.

It also collects data from individual student, so teachers can adjust to their different levels, as well as assist those who are lacking behind. Parents will be able to monitor their children’s performances at school and get insight into what they are learning. Students can study after school using their parents’ app, making learning continuous.

Overall, parents will be able to see the value of school in their children’s education and will think more positively about sending their kids to school. Last but not least, students will find school more fun and engaging. If shy and passive kids used to sit quietly during class, clickers will make everyone participate.

The implementation of Class Saathi will enhance students' learning beyond their previous levels and bridge the learning gaps between them. School will no longer be a boring place, but rather a fun place where they actually learn. This will help lower the dropout rate and keep students at school.

Overall, Class Saathi will help build trust among different stakeholders at schools. It will help better manage schools, enhance teaching quality, monitor student’s progress and make learning fun and engaging. It will add value to the school education system as a whole and in turn help reduce school dropout rates.

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