Live Quiz Feature: Creating interactive and carefully monitored online learning bubbles

The pandemic has been a stressful time for everybody globally. We have somehow accepted the new normal. Sanitisers have become the currency and our realities have been fully relegated online. This also means education has seen a very new development – one that is unprecedented and still posing challenges to academicians around the world.

Children have been out of school for over a year and a half and some disturbing trends have come out of it. For instance, students are finding ways to skip classes by replacing their screens with pictures, deliberately missing online classes under the pretext of technical difficulties, switching browsers to play video games, you name it!  Needless to say, it is impossible for teachers to zone in on each specific child and monitor their behaviour virtually.

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Over and above that, teachers in our Class Saathi community have been urging us to provide them with a solution that helps them retain control over their students in virtual classrooms. Unlike in physical classrooms, moderating student behaviour and ensuring everybody is paying attention to what is being taught was a challenge that had not been tackled previously. With many action items on their agendas, including filing reports, making lesson plans and learning tech compliance, teachers have been having a rough time to be sure.

Given all the struggles teachers were going through on a daily basis since the onset of the pandemic, Class Saathi decided to launch the “Live Quiz” feature which allows teachers to monitor each student in the classroom with maximum scrutiny. We launched the Live Quiz feature as a tribute to all the teachers that continue serving our students hail or shine, to make their online classroom management a truly simple yet revolutionary experience.

Class Saathi has been partnering with teachers across the country in a bid to orchestrate a movement within the company that builds for the present day requirements. As such, the “Live Quiz” feature was built to give teachers control in online classes that they claimed they were steadily losing.

Class Saathi Live Quiz and Homework
Class Saathi Live Quiz & Homework

How does it work? Once a teacher finishes a concept or a chapter in class, they can launch the Live Quiz feature on their phones that builds a quick assessment based on the pre-set requirements. Students have to be online and active at the same time to attend the quiz segment. Once all the students are active, the teachers can launch the quiz, thereby knowing how much each student in the class has managed to assimilate from the teaching segment. This is a very powerful tool since our reliable, automated reports allow teachers to customize their teachings based on evidence and students are forced to comply with the basic rules of classroom decorum which they were otherwise happily flouting.

In the event that a Live Quiz cannot cover all the portions taught, teachers have the option to assign Homeworks from their app which students can take from the comfort of their homes. As is the case with the Live Quiz, teachers do not have to spend any time whatsoever in collating reports either. The reports are generated automatically and can be viewed in dashboards specific to each student.

Class Saathi Homework Report
Homework Report

One of our star Class Saathi teachers, Sabitha Ojha, stated that she is relieved that there is a community of people who are taking the woes of teachers seriously. “We wanted a tool to monitor our students. We needed a method to regulate their teachings and we wanted to do that without antagonising our students. This Live Quiz feature truly checks all those tick boxes.”

While the idea of launching the Live Quiz feature came from within the teacher community, we decided to launch a feature that would complement our flagship product, the classroom clickers, so that teachers always have the option of switching to the clickers when physical classrooms open up without letting go of the Live Quiz feature. Our goal is to leverage sustainability wherever we can.

Option to switch from app to clicker
Teachers always have the option of switching to the clickers when schools open!

We at TagHive, are committed to ensuring quality teaching and learning through our offerings. For that reason, we listen to our teachers and students and we find out what they are looking for. As a company, our core value is to cater to the needs and interests of the academic world instead of creating a need where there is no necessity. So to say, “necessity truly is the mother of all invention” and for that reason, we proudly present Class Saathi’s “Live Quiz” which is a game-changing experience in a world that is growing desperate for control and audit.

Students will now be monitored stringently and teachers can rest assured that their online classes have the impact they are working towards.

Class Saathi’s value in the post-pandemic academic world

A small boy and a girl wearing face masks with bags on their shoulders.
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We often confuse a child’s youth for their resilience. It is the year 2021 and a year and half into the global pandemic that forced the world to shift on its axis. While we have all lost precious time and experience to the pandemic’s siege, the one demographic that has had it worse, in terms of adaptation, is the student population.

Learning is an inherently social experience. While the prime objective of sending children to schools may be to improve their academic performances, there are other, very vital skills students pick up in school. Children learn to reason, to socialise, to validate their opinions and interact with a diverse range of people in their learning environment that sets the stage for their adulthood. Children have lost out on all these over the pandemic.

Experts believe that there is scope for this generation of learners to be more anxious and fear riddled than the ones before and it is only natural since they have experienced a catastrophe of such a global nature. With schools slowly reopening around the world, classrooms now look more like a view from a dystopian film set rather than a learning environment where children were previously required to sit in groups, have conversations with their friends and do activities that require them to verbally communicate and be close to each other.

A South Korea school opens classrooms with Covid protocols in place
A school in South Korea opens classrooms with Covid protocols in place

Images have surfaced of classrooms following the covid upgrade with each desk shielded by a plastic case, students required to wear masks and large gaps in seating arrangements to avoid crowding and milling. While we may understand why the safety nets have been placed, students may find this environment a stressful and scary one to be in. As mentioned previously, learning is an inherently social experience with many children fulfilling their social needs at school through their teachers and classmates. Now with the mandate requiring fewer conversations interpersonally and teachers cutting down on instructional time by using digital tools, how best can we make the current situation the most optimum one?

At TagHive, we have a solution to this problem! We make classroom solutions that don’t break covid mandates by also making it a fun and safe space for children to come and enjoy their learning. Here’s how:

1. Clickers for the student
Our clickers have been designed to gather student responses in real-time without any need for verbal communication. The idea is to gamify teaching in such a manner that students are excited about giving their responses through a toy-like clicker system while also creating value for learning.

Class Saathi clicker in a school in South Korea after schools reopened with Covid protocols
Our clicker in a school in South Korea after schools reopened with Covid protocols

2. Clickers for teachers
Teachers can save a lot of time and energy by using the teacher clicker as a regulator in conducting sessions. Teachers can use the clicker to manoeuvre through the desktop app from a distance. This reduces the amount of time teachers have to spend speaking; they can use it instead to conduct quizzes over the desktop app, engaging students and retaining student attention.

3. Reports
One key element that goes a miss with time being spent on covid protocols is report gathering. The new mandates are all physically and emotionally exhausting, leaving teachers with very little time to conduct quizzes and spot student lags quickly. With Class Saathi, teachers can gather real-time evidence of student performance in the classroom as the system records student responses to quizzes instantly. Teachers can review both individual and class performances and take corrective action instantly. We, thereby reduce the burden on teachers by taking away one very daunting task off their list!

Self-study report on Class Saathi mobile app
Self-study statistics by Class Saathi

4. Our features
Who says there needs to be a sacrifice of group time in class with all the covid mandates? Our desktop app has group project and quiz features that allow students to interact with each other without breaking any protocols. What’s even cooler is that students can use the clickers to give real-time feedback to their peers, making the classroom as interactive if not exactly interactive as before.

5. Our fully malleable system
Our product is so versatile that it can adapt to any environment seamlessly. The power of our system lies in how cleverly it has been designed to work in any system. The thought is to make classrooms a less stressful experience for both students and teachers and we have managed to deliver on these promises even with covid being a surprise guest in this mix.

Our prime objective is to make classroom interaction a happy experience for all involved. Now with the pandemic still at large, parents are worried about sending their children back to school with safety being a prime concern. Teachers are worried that the new protocols will distract students from their objectives and stress them out further. Administrators are worried that all the above responses compounded will reduce student performance. With Class Saathi, all these worries are eliminated simply because our system addresses all these concerns effectively while also ensuring that students continue to strive in their academics. For this reason, it has become a product of choice, especially in the post covid world, for schools in South Korea with over 750 schools trusting Class Saathi to keep students happy.

When schools in India are finally ready to re-open, we promise that our products will demand space in the learning environment. Want to see how? Mail us at [email protected] for a demonstration!