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It takes a community to raise well-educated students. We believe this is true and that is why we have created a scalable ecosystem where parents, teachers, and administrators sync to further their ward’s progress.

Through Class Saathi, the best online learning app for Classes 6,7,8,9, and 10, we have enabled a system that holds key stakeholders accountable for their learning goals.

By joining us on our mission to integrate a learning ecosystem digitally, stakeholders are enabling a paradigm shift that is based on authentic and verifiable data points.

Let’s see how: 

Principals: Can access macro and micro-level performance data sets that allow them to take immediate action wherever necessary. Our principal login collates data points for each Class or teacher and also reflects individual student performances on a micro-level.

Teachers: Can conduct assessments through their logins immediately after teaching a concept to test their student’s academic readiness. This gives teachers a broad perspective of each student’s learning level in a Classroom which is otherwise impossible manually. Teachers can use this instant data to conduct remediation.

Parents: Parents can review their child’s performance in Class through their login and use that data to create a learning environment at home that is an extension of their Classroom.

The clever and introspective way in which our technology is used truly goes on to prove that we are indeed the best app for CBSE students.

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