Technology in the Classroom: A Must or an Option?
February 14, 2020


Technology in the classroom is becoming more and more effective these days. Textbooks are on the verge of replacement and anything we would want to search is at our fingertips. The way we use technology has slowly started to change the way we live our lives like the phrase "Google is the new god”. Thus, the impact of technology in classrooms is quite significant.

Technology gives students a choice to learn, explore, create, express and make different subjects more enjoyable. The traditional classrooms are slowly being replaced by technology-driven classrooms where students are equipped with laptops, tablets, and smartphones. The traditional lecturing is being replaced by webinars, virtual classrooms, and video lectures.

Reasons Why Technology Is a Must in Classrooms

The growth of technology is rapid in the educational field and there are several ways to gain knowledge through technology. Educators are motivated to use the internet to gain access to information for lecturing as well as to improve their expertise.

Learning made fun for the students

Quizzing has indeed increased the productivity of the students. Students who enjoy learning are not prone to become frustrated or wander off task. Technology has made teachers use a creative approach in the classrooms.

Getting instant access to knowledge

Students these days are familiar with searching the answers to their questions on the internet. Students get instant access to answers beyond what's there in their textbooks through the internet.

Engaging students to actively participate in the class

Technology in classrooms has bid adieu to the days when students sit in the back of the classroom so that they don't want to be a part of the lessons. Implementation of technology has created an excitement among the students who actively participate in the classroom as it is fun and engaging.

Improved student and teacher interaction

Teachers and educators can create a classroom blog to provide an enhanced learning experience. Educators and students can write and post articles related to any specific topics. Comments and suggestions on these blog posts will lead to a quality debate or discussion, where students and teachers can exchange their points of view.

Being freed from a lot of tedious tasks

With the onset of technology in the classroom, Class Saathi's clicker solution has not only made it possible for every student to participate in the quizzing, but also automated the time-consuming tasks for teachers such as keeping track of student attendance and performance.

Bottom Line

Understanding the role of technology in classrooms is very important. Technological finesse is much needed to stay competitive these days. Implementing technology in the classroom has completely changed how teachers and students teach and learn. Apart from this, it has opened up a world of possibilities for the students.

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