The Key Solution to Improve Engagement in Classroom
April 21, 2020

In recent years, with technology making its way into the realm of academia, education has seen a drastic makeover. Amongst today's students the requirements and learning preferences have also changed.

As a result, the need to change the existing teaching methodologies and build a seamless integration of technology with the learning environment has become a necessity to help students overcome their constraints and difficulties and to ensure an improved engagement.

After all, education shouldn't be solely about helping students learn, but also to actively strengthen their capacity to apply the knowledge!

Ed-tech Solutions

One such interactive ed-tech solution specially designed to improve student engagement and augment learning outcomes is Class Saathi. This unique ed-tech platform primarily functions via an app on a smartphone and through low-cost clickers (also known as a student response system) provided to each child. It offers tools like a recommendation-based quizzing that not only enhances their understanding of the subject but also create a more interesting and participative learning environment.

Furthermore, the interactive features of these tools provide real-time feedback and detailed statistics that help the teacher determine the learning levels of the class and prepare a lesson plan that is consequently advantageous to the students. Not stopping there, Class Saathi gives students the ability to access these A.I. powered adaptive quizzes even from home, whenever they desire!

Student using Class Saathi mobile app


Improved engagement is a cornerstone of education, and the time has come to recognize the need toboost studentinvolvementand learning outcomes. Educational-tech solutions are indeed the need of the hour - making learning and studying a truly captivating experience and helping students with formative, cognitive, and creative development.

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