What Ed-Tech Solutions Can Do For You
March 16, 2020

With technology making its way into every sphere of life, its advent into the realm of education was only a matter of time. Today, technology is being integrated with academia at a primary level, revolutionizing the process and the outcome. This fusion, while surrounded by skepticism, has some vital, transformative advantages -

Personalized Learning Experience

A unique feature of Ed-Tech devices is the relay of analytics. The teacher has complete access to the real-time feedback generated by each student for the various lessons and tests, thus measuring the aptitude of the student as an individual and the class as a whole. Based on this real-time feedback, the teacher can craft special recommendations based on quizzing and lesson plans that are more beneficial to the students.

In addition to the unique platform itself, students have access to a massive library of video and audio content tools which are immensely advantageous since they allow the students to learn at their own pace giving them the ability to pause, rewind and replay lectures.

24/7 Access To Coursework

Ed-Tech devices today, give students complete access to their classrooms at all times. Not having to remain dependent on a physical classroom, students can study and complete all their assignments and work at their own pace and on their own time.

These devices are equipped with cloud storage, making it extremely easy for children to access their study material. Moreover, these apps and devices also have the feature of the students being able to reach their teachers whenever needed, making learning and studying a truly formative experience.

Showcasing Class Saathi quick assessment

Increased Creativity & Interaction

This new use of technology has seen a stark increase in learning outcomes and increased attendance. The recommendation-based quizzing helps the students to be much more creative and enhance the class participation.

The interactive features of these tools allow the students to communicate with each other as well as their teacher, thus sharing the acquired knowledge and reinforcing what they have learned. This creates a more conducive learning environment for the students and a robust, time-efficient dynamic for the teachers.

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