Why Clickers Increase Classroom Engagement?
January 25, 2023
Students being happy using Class Saathi clickers in composite school in Gobrahan, UP
Students showed more engagement in classrooms with Clickers

Clickers, also known as audience response systems, are devices that allow students to respond to questions posed by a teacher in real time. These responses are then collected and displayed on a smartphone, computer/projector, and interactive panels allowing the teacher to gauge student understanding and adjust their instruction accordingly. Clickers can be used in a variety of educational settings, including classroom lectures, group discussions, and formative assessments. They are often used to promote active learning, increase student engagement, and provide real-time feedback to both students and teachers.

Students and teacher engaging in class at a composite school in UP
A teacher using Class Saathi in the classroom

One of the main benefits of using clickers in education is that they provide an easy and efficient way to assess student understanding. Teachers can use clickers to pose multiple-choice or true/false questions during a lecture, and quickly get a sense of how well their students are grasping the material. This allows them to adjust their instruction on the fly, providing additional explanations or examples where needed.

Students actively participating in a class assessment at a school in Gobrahan, UP
Students actively participating in a class assessment

Clickers also promote active learning, as they require students to be engaged and participate in the class. When students are given the opportunity to respond to questions, they pay more attention and think critically about the material. This leads to a deeper understanding of the content and better retention of information.

Student revising concepts using Class Saathi
Student revising concepts using Class Saathi

Clickers are also used for formative assessments, which are evaluations that are used to provide feedback on student progress. This allows teachers to identify areas where students may be struggling and provide additional support. Furthermore, it also allows students to see their progress and understanding in real time, which can help them to stay motivated and engaged.

Students engaging with Class Saathi
Students studying using Class Saathi

Another benefit of clickers is that they can be used to facilitate group discussions and collaborative learning. Teachers can use clickers to pose questions that require students to work together to come up with a solution or answer. This can help to foster critical thinking skills and encourage students to communicate effectively with one another.

Students posing with their Class Saathi clickers
Class Saathi makes meaningful smart classrooms affordable

Overall, clickers can be a valuable tool for teachers in the classroom. They provide an efficient and effective way to assess student understanding, promote active learning, and facilitate group discussions. While technology is not a solution by itself, it can be used to enhance the educational experience, making it more engaging and interactive for students.

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