Why is Class Saathi a Reliable Pioneer of Tech-Based Learning?
April 02, 2021

A simple google search should tell you what the meaning of education is. According to Wikipedia, “Education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values and habits.” Over the years, education may have undergone various reforms to keep pace with the changing needs of the time. However, the core values of education have always remained the same.

Class Saathi has ensured that in offering our unique learning product, we are not deviating from the core values of education. That is how we claim to be a reliable pioneer of tech-based learning. Let us break this down a little bit based on the key values mentioned above:

1. Facilitating learning:

Class Saathi facilitates learning by creating an engaging ecosystem in classrooms where teachers and students can give and receive feedback in real time. This allows for teachers to check for a student’s understanding immediately after teaching a concept and also allows them to moderate teaching strategies specific to each student’s needs.

Class Saathi creates a real-time feedback loop between students and teachers.
Class Saathi creates this real-time feedback loop between teachers and students.

2. Acquisition of knowledge:

The free Class Saathi app is an endless reserve of quizzes designed specifically to challenge a student’s natural curiosity. These quizzes help students identify their learning lags and also fosters an independent learning approach in youngsters without relying only on classroom learning methods.

Solve more, score more with Class Saathi.
With endless practice questions, the free Class Saathi app is designed to challenge students' natural curiosity.

3. Acquisition of skills:

Class Saathi allows teachers, students and parents to assess skills under each concept, chapter and even question. For instance, in a Maths question, basic or complex multiplication skills could be tested as an add on to concept assessments. This enables students to not just work on the concepts they are lagging in but also refine skills that support or supplement those concepts.

4. Acquisition of value:

Through our Class Saathi free quiz app, we create value for the effort by simplifying study goals and making students more resourceful. When students know what concepts and skills to focus on and how exactly to get there, they learn to become resourceful and independent. We believe that students acquire the value of independence through our products.

Class Saathi shows students where to focus on and how to get there.
In Class Saathi, students get to know where to focus on and how to get there.

5. Acquisition of habits:

Consistently using the Class Saathi app has proven beneficial for students since they cultivate the habit of accessing learning channels on their own. We aim to help students cover concepts and topics after each chapter or topic through our quizzes. Progressive use of the app allows students to inculcate the habit of being consistent with self-assessment and learning.

Class Saathi student testimonial from Priyansu, Class 6, DAV Public School, Chandrasekharpur, Bhubaneswar.
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Since we have made all these points, you may now wonder how Class Saathi is reliable. The textbook definition of reliability is a scheme that can be trusted or one whose meaning maintains integrity. To close, let us examine how Class Saathi is reliable. We maintain the core components of education by upholding all the values it strives to achieve.

We do that in today’s age, with advanced technology without losing the essence of education. Maintaining the integrity of a very serious process while also delivering it with fun makes us reliable. Parents and teachers need not worry about a student’s time with our technology since we have designed it with the specific intention of doing what education has always demanded across times.

Changing times need innovative solutions. However, they also need to uphold core values only then can they be fully trusted by the key stakeholders. At TagHive, we believe we have been able to achieve just that. In shorter words, we are definitely the reliable pioneers of education technology.

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