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Reducing learning gaps through interactive solutions in the post pandemic world

Class Saathi is a combination of a clicker (student response device) for each student, a mobile application for students, teachers and parents, and a dashboard for school administrators. It serves as a personalised learning platform, a digital assessment solution and a diagnostic tool, thereby enabling effective learning outcomes.

For Students and Parents

For Schools, Administrators and Organisations

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Schools use Class Saathi in India & South Korea
State Governments use Class Saathi solutions
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Saathi AI
Helping Students Score More
and Teachers Teach Better

Our in-house AI technology makes learning and teaching purposeful and engaging for students and teachers. We tackle each challenge with a perfectly tailor-made solution through our intelligent, innovative, and future-ready design. Our cutting edge AI technology solves thousands of challenges in a day. Know more here.

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Meet Our TagHivers

Divided by geography, united by a passion for the education sector. Meet our TagHivers from across the world who come together to solve complex Ed-tech challenges through extensive expertise in the field.

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Partners We Work With

It is incredibly humbling to have been chosen by several partners spanning state governments, private schools and NGO partners. Thank you for showing your trust in allowing us to be your learning partner of choice.
Engage with us here to book a Class Saathi Demo.

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We express our gratitude to all the news publications and websites who’ve amplified our impact, opinion and future plans. Reach out to us here for more information.

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