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Be the learning platform of choice for all schools around the world.


Build a unified platform that connects students, parents, teachers, and administrators to improve students’ learning outcomes.

TagHive Inc., incorporated on April 25, 2017, is a Samsung funded education technology company with headquarters in South Korea and an office in India. We have 22 registered patents and trademarks, and ten others are pending. Our solutions are used in over 3,000 schools in India and South Korea, and over 370,000 students have downloaded the Class Saathi self-assessment solution.

Class Saathi is a clicker based smart classroom solution that makes formative assessments seamless and data-driven. Teachers can use the Class Saathi app to evaluate students’ proficiency in various concepts taught in class.

Administrators and Parents can also see this learning data on their respective applications. Class Saathi has over 30,000 multiple choice questions on Maths, Science, English and Social Science, aligned to the CBSE curriculum for students of Classes 6-10. Over 7.5 million questions have been solved on Class Saathi as of December 2022.

Aligned with the New Education Policy’s micro-learning objectives and continuous assessments, our “Data First” approach ensures greater accountability at all levels. Class Saathi is affordable and doesn’t require schools to upgrade their infrastructure. “No internet” and “No electricity” aren’t the limiting factors in making classrooms smart.

Meet The Founder

Pankaj Agarwal is the Founder & CEO of TagHive, a Samsung funded education technology venture with operations in South Korea and India. He is an inventor on over 75 international patents and was on the list of Fortune India 40 Under 40 and BusinessWorld 40 under 40. He was also one of the ten winners of the MIT TR35 India (Innovators Under 35) Award in 2017.

Before TagHive, Pankaj was with Samsung Electronics for over a decade. He has been the Founder and Chairman of the IIT Alumni Association of South Korea since 2015 and is also a board member of the Indian Chamber of Commerce in Korea (ICCK).

Pankaj has a Bachelor of Technology degree in EE from IIT Kanpur, MS from Seoul National University and an MBA from the Harvard Business School.

Meet The TagHivers

Syed Jamal

Syed Jamal

Chief Technical Officer

Education is very close to my heart and through my experience, I want to contribute to TagHive’s vision. It will be a matter of great satisfaction for me.

Rahul Gondane

Director, Strategy, and Operations

TagHive is the perfect combination of two of my biggest areas of interest, technology, and social impact. From my time working in the sector, I believe that technology needs to integrate, not disrupt, and that’s exactly what we do here!

Kyungho Yun

Senior Manager, Operations

I want to be there to fulfil Pankaj’s and TagHive’s mission of education equity. I am in charge of management support at TagHive. Throughout the business operations, I support achieving the company’s goals.

Yeounchan Kim

Researcher, AI R&D

With an abundant scope of growth in the Indian education sector, TagHive grabbed my attention in South Korea. It’s a team full of great people with a professional mindset. I work on coding, so much of my time is spent developing features that directly help students.


Jongwook Sun

Researcher, AI R&D

I used to consider how to change the education environment better through AI technologies. I choose to join TagHive without hesitation as I got a great opportunity to see the pattern of our students so that I could improve Class Saathi service with AI technologies.

Yoonsik Kim

Manager, Business Development

Developing business and creating new business opportunities.

Nishita Kumar

Manager, Business Development

It has been an everyday learning journey with TagHive. I have had experience with ed-tech organisations earlier but wanted to work with TagHive because of their focus on students coming from marginalised communities.

Minji Jeong


I got to know about TagHive from my professor and in a very short time I feel welcomed to the team. I am keen to provide my 100% to the work.

Jayalakshmi Krishnan

Manager, Content

I chose TagHive because I wanted to be a part of something that could truly enhance and revolutionize students’ and teachers’ learning experiences. Personalized and adaptive learning is the hour of the need. And, TagHive achieves this through its cutting edge AI technology.

Shreya Sharma

Associate Manager, Content

I aspire to be a lifelong learner. After working as a teacher for 8 years, I wanted to challenge myself with a different role in the education sector. TagHive provided a perfect blend of education and growth opportunities for me in my current role.

Ishmael Zabi

Manager, Partnerships & Engagement

I love how Pankaj motivates his team to bring out the best in them. At TagHive, there’s a safe space to express yourself and the freedom to take your decisions. I believe TagHive has a unique product backed by a strong founder.

Piyush Agarwal

Senior Engineer

I wanted to take up a new challenge and get out of my comfort zone. Working in a company in the education sector is one of my personal goals. I have grown both as a developer and a person, and I feel proud working at TagHive.

Amrut Makdani

Developer, Android

It has been a continuous development of my skills and personality with TagHive. Working with unique technology to support education is what I sought. Proud to be a TagHiver.

Aagam Jain

Junior Engineer, Software

TagHive has a very different Mission and Vision than the rest of the ed-tech industry. I want to work with TagHive because I want to work with students who have minimum available resources. I am learning every day at my workplace with my colleagues.

Divya Sajwani

Junior Engineer, Software

I believe TagHive offers many learning opportunities, and Class Saathi is an excellent Initiative for teachers and students. My experience at TagHive has been great. The working environment is very positive, and it’s lovely to work with the whole team.

Shubham Gupta

Junior Developer, Software

As a fresher, I was confused about whether I should start my journey with an MNC or a start-up. I got to know about TagHive, its mission and I realized that they are doing something different. Working here is helping me become a very good developer with immense growth.

Vibhuti Purohit

Designer, UX

Syncing with TagHive’s mission to make the accessible unified platform of learning I am having a great experience working with other TagHivers. It’s a diverse team with varying backgrounds and nationalities.


Yunbi Oh

Designer, UI/UX

For me, design speaks volumes and I believe the best way to express TagHive’s vision is through our applications design, which I intend to continuously build. There are so many personalities that I love working with at TagHive.


Suraj Kumar

Designer, UI

Working in TagHive has helped me build up my confidence as I get to explore a lot. Working with different departments is helping me learn more about TagHive. Being in the educational arena is undoubtedly creating a sense of pride in me.

Jasmeet Singh

Manager, Communications

I wanted to work with an organisation that provides me with a space where I can merge my creative, educational and business learnings. And that is exactly the kind of role I joined TagHive with. I am excited to grow with TagHive!

Pavneet Singh

Designer, Communications Graphics

I joined TagHive to connect design with education, as both these fields have a lasting impact. Thus, TagHive felt like the best place to pursue that. It helps that I work with people with a similar vision as mine.


Shubhangi Sharma

Manager, Customer Relations

Honestly, Class Saathi is THE solution our current Indian education system needs. We have an invested leadership team that empowers me with creative freedom for my personal growth.

Aishwarya Suryavanshi

Manager, Customer Relations

I have always wanted to be a part of an innovative company. I feel we are making a difference in the ed-tech industry by steering state-of-the-art solutions to revolutionise the current education system.

Michael Ashish

Manager, Customer Relations

I believe, the best way to impact lives is through education, and at TagHive that is exactly what we get to do. Impact lives, one student/teacher at a time. I believe in the vision of the organization of being the learning platform of choice across the world.

Ashoka HR

Manager, Sales

I feel Class Saathi can bring major changes in our education landscape in improving student learning gaps and increasing classroom engagement. It also empowers teachers with important tools like time management and assessment creation.

Rudresh Lakshma Naik

Lead, Sales and Business Development

As they say rightly” If you cant measure it then you cant control it”. TagHive is doing exactly the same: teachers measure the outcome after each chapter. I personally feel this is what need of the hour hence I took up this role with TagHive to take this solution to schools and help them to do real time evaluation.

Veerendranath Nadig

Manager, Sales

Class Saathi is a wonderful program or opportunity to fulfill my dreams. Because of its credibility in the market and the need of the hour program in the K-12 segment. Some wow factor is seen in the users eyes in every presentation. In a short time I have learnt a lot from my team.


Manager, Sales

TagHive is working to bring a dramatic change in the education sector with its unique innovation. Working environment at TagHive is different. It gives us a responsibility, ownership and can feel the importance of my contribution towards the organization development.

Hyunhee Ji

Assistant, Management

I am experiencing business development and new business opportunities at Taghive. I am excited to work with TagHive in providing educational solutions.

Suhyun Lee

Software Engineer

The atmosphere in TagHive is far from hierarchy and have a strong vision. Currently, I am working on building an automatic grading model for answers in subjective manner.

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