Charting Excellence in the Education Industry with Ms. Rupa Karunakar – Principal of GAFL
April 13, 2024

Introducing Principal's #EdTalks by Class Saathi - Interviews that capture inspiring journeys and insights from visionary school principals across the globe!

In our first edition, we have Ms. Rupa Karunakar, Principal of Global Academy for Learning (GAFL), Bengaluru sharing with us her perspectives on education, technology and innovation.

This exciting chat with Ms. Rupa Karunakar reveals her work success, her determination towards education, and care for her family.

Explore her journey through this e-magazine, her thoughts on leading a school, and her belief on integrating education with smart solutions like Class Saathi into her school curriculum have elevated the overall outcomes of the institution she leads.

Stay tuned for more enlightening conversations in Principal's #EdTalks, where visionaries like Ms. Rupa Karunakar shares her transformative insights on education and leadership!

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