Class Saathi’s Remarkable Journey at DIDAC India and ADB International Skills Forum
November 03, 2023

In the fast-evolving landscape of education technology, participating in global events can provide a unique platform for showcasing innovative solutions, connecting with educators, and shaping the future of learning. Such was the case for Class Saathi, an AI-powered student engagement and assessment platform, during its participation at two prestigious edtech events: DIDAC India 2023 and The Asian Development Bank (ADB) International Skills Forum, held concurrently from October 17th to 19th this year.

DIDAC India 2023: A Melting Pot of Educational Innovation

DIDAC India, one of the world's largest exhibitions for educational resources, training solutions, and technology, brought together educators, school owners, and edtech enthusiasts from around the globe. This year, DIDAC India created a vibrant hub for exploring the latest advancements in the education sector, and Class Saathi was thrilled to be part of this global convergence.

The Class Saathi team's journey at DIDAC India was marked by excitement and anticipation. The event opened doors for meaningful discussions, idea sharing, and the chance to introduce our innovative classroom solution to a diverse audience.

One of the standout moments for Class Saathi was having a dedicated section at the Samsung booth for Class Saathi, allowing us to exhibit our learning platform to a wide range of visitors.

Over the course of the event, our team engaged with school owners, principals, teachers, and students, sharing insights into how Class Saathi is transforming the education landscape. It was heartening to see the curiosity and enthusiasm of attendees eager to understand how technology can revolutionize the traditional classroom.

We were privileged to showcase Class Saathi's capabilities, from the seamless student-teacher interaction features to real-time assessment and engagement tools. The visitors had a firsthand experience of our platform's power to bridge gaps in conventional education, fostering interactive and engaging learning environments. This demonstration fostered stimulating conversations and interactions, leaving attendees intrigued and informed.

ADB International Skills Forum: A Global Stage for Skill Development

Simultaneously, on the other side of the world, Class Saathi was gearing up for its participation in the ADB International Skills Forum. Held in Manila, Philippines, this global event drew leaders, experts, and stakeholders in the field of skills development. It was an honor to be part of a forum dedicated to addressing the skills challenges faced by Asia and the Pacific.

The event emphasized the critical role of education and skill development in fostering economic growth and social inclusion, aligning perfectly with Class Saathi's mission to empower students through innovative learning solutions.

At the ADB event, Class Saathi had the opportunity to engage with educators, policymakers, and representatives from various countries. Our platform's unique offerings, such as interactive classrooms, real-time assessments, and data-driven insights, resonated well with the forum's focus on enhancing skills development for a brighter future.

Through interactions with educators and policymakers, we learned about the diverse needs and challenges faced in different regions. These insights are invaluable as we continue to refine and enhance Class Saathi to meet the specific requirements of schools and institutions worldwide.

Both DIDAC India and the ADB International Skills Forum provided an incredible opportunity for Class Saathi to not only showcase our platform but also to be a part of meaningful conversations about the future of education and skills development. As we move forward, the experiences gained from these events will drive our commitment to creating next-generation classrooms that empower students and educators alike.

The journey of Class Saathi at DIDAC India 2023 and the ADB International Skills Forum was a testament to the profound impact of education technology on the global stage. It reinforced our belief in the transformational power of innovative solutions and the collaborative efforts of the edtech community. As we look ahead, Class Saathi remains dedicated to pioneering the future of education, one interactive classroom at a time.

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