Class Saathi is Available on Windows, Android, iOS and MacOS
August 08, 2023

Are you tired of struggling with technology limitations that hinder seamless collaboration in the classroom? Look no further! Class Saathi brings an incredible adaptability that breaks down barriers, allowing both teachers and students to embrace a learning experience like never before.

Class Saathi is Compatible With Microsoft, Google and Apple Operating Systems

Picture this: Your fellow teacher is using Class Saathi to effortlessly share an engaging lesson from their Windows computer with a student who prefers a Mac. Meanwhile, students armed with different devices, from Android tablets to iPhones, collaborate harmoniously on an exciting Class Saathi project. Don't miss out on the opportunity to revolutionize your teaching and learning journey with Class Saathi's unmatched versatility.

Class Saathi Works on Interactive Smart Board/Panel, Desktop, Smartphone, and Tablet

Class Saathi does not disrupt the current infrastructure of the school and it increases productivity and efficiency of your existing smart infrastructure. Its incredible adaptability brings numerous benefits to the classroom. It fosters seamless collaboration, creates an inclusive learning space, and enables effortless resource sharing and brilliant student collaboration.

Say Oh Yes!

Embrace the power of Class Saathi and witness the transformation of your teaching methods. Say goodbye to device restrictions and hello to an inclusive platform where everyone can seamlessly connect and collaborate. Don't let technology limitations hinder your classroom's potential.

Join the Class Saathi community today, and unlock the true magic of education. Together, let's create a vibrant learning environment where resources are effortlessly shared, projects are brilliantly collaborated on, and students' growth knows no bounds. Embrace Class Saathi's adaptability, and let the learning journey thrive.

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