Class Saathi’s Maths Quiz Challenges!
February 03, 2022
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It might seem like there is no fun way to learn Maths as a subject but you are wholly mistaken if you believe that. If there is a subject that can be extremely fun to learn, it is Maths and we at TagHive Inc. are here to show you all the different ways in which our app Class Saathi helps make learning fun and full of passion!

Class Saathi is an AI-powered quiz app for students through which they can practise their daily lessons, compete against an AI timer and also test their knowledge with the help of Mock Tests. There are so many different ways in which you can use the app, which makes it a super fun experience for children but it doesn’t stop with fun alone; a lot of intelligent frameworks surrounding the app make this learning experience a very scientific one. So let us take a look at Class Saathi’s offerings:

1. Class Saathi is an endless reserve of practice questions -

Students can use the Class Saathi app to practise their daily Maths lessons. The app is replete with CBSE / NCERT quizzes and it follows the same chapter sequencing as the textbooks do. Students can then use the app to test their proficiency in the concepts taught and if in the event that they do not get certain questions right, the app gives the student revision material in the form of concept notes and video explanations. They can also bookmark the questions they get wrong so that it all forms a reserve where students can see their progress.

2. Mock Tests -

Class Saathi Mock Tests are chapter & difficulty customisable!

Mock tests are a fun way to learn Maths as it creates an atmosphere of competition and students can challenge themselves to a mock test over the app. The mock tests come in two formats - a. A full mock test which is an hour-long and b. A half mock test which is 30 minutes long. Encourage your students to make the best use of these mock tests as it refines not just the knowledge base of the student but it also sharpens their competitive edge.

3. The AI Timer -

Class Saathi AI Timer is a perfect example of gamified learning. Give it a try!

The AI timer is a fairly new development with the app and web developers in South Korea have worked really hard to see this vision turn into reality. The app uses artificial intelligence in the form of a clock that students have to compete against but in the most unusual way.

Based on the information the app has gathered about a student (student’s learning level, speed and knowledge), the timer recommends the amount of time a student may take to get an answer right. It also makes a calculated assumption as to whether or not the student will get a question right. If the student manages to answer the question in a time lower than the one the AI timer predicted, the student is rewarded. Same goes for the predicted answer as well!

Technology has advanced to such a degree that all it takes is a simple app to diagnose gaps in learning. What we also need to mention is that our app is fully AI-powered which means it goes out of its way to curate a personalized learning experience for students. The app can do this for each and every student even if there are 25 million students using the app (this is just a reference number, it can accommodate a lot more people!).

Haven’t tested the app yourself? Go ahead and download it from the play store!

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