“Intentional Tech” Book Summary – Enhancing College Teaching
October 12, 2023


"Intentional Tech" is a comprehensive guide written by Derek Bruff that offers principles to effectively use educational technology in college teaching. The book explores the different ways technology can be intentionally incorporated into teaching practices to enhance student learning experiences.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Intentionality in technology integration: The book emphasizes the importance of educators deliberately planning and designing their use of technology in the classroom. It encourages instructors to consider how technology aligns with their pedagogical goals and enhances student outcomes.
  2. Importance of active learning with technology: The author highlights how technology has the potential to facilitate active learning experiences for students. Examples such as online discussions, collaborative projects, and multimedia presentations are discussed to demonstrate the benefits of engaging students in meaningful ways.
  3. Designing for accessibility and inclusivity: "Intentional Tech" stresses the significance of considering accessibility and inclusivity when integrating technology in teaching. The book offers strategies and tools to ensure that educational technology does not create barriers for diverse learners. It emphasizes the need to design courses and materials that are usable for everyone.
  4. Effective use of digital tools: The book provides valuable insights into selecting and effectively utilizing various digital tools. It explores the pedagogical potential of tools like learning management systems, online quizzes, virtual reality, and educational apps. It encourages educators to assess the appropriateness of these tools based on learning goals and student needs.
  5. Promoting critical thinking and reflection: "Intentional Tech" encourages educators to promote critical thinking and reflection through the intentional use of technology. It delves into strategies such as online discussions, blogs, and reflective journals to enhance student engagement and metacognitive skills.
  6. Evaluation and assessment of technology use: The book discusses the importance of evaluating and assessing the impact of educational technology on student learning. It offers frameworks and methods to gather feedback, analyse data, and make informed decisions about the integration of technology in teaching.
Derek Bruff

Bottom Line:

Overall, "Intentional Tech" provides a practical and thought-provoking guide for educators in higher education who want to purposefully integrate technology into their teaching practices. It emphasizes the need to align technology use with desired outcomes, actively engage students in the learning process, consider accessibility and inclusivity, make informed decisions about tools, and promote critical thinking and reflection. The book urges educators to continuously evaluate the effectiveness of technology integration to ensure continuous improvement in teaching and learning experiences.

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