Make Any Class a Smart Class in a Click
June 21, 2019

What is quality education? How do you ensure that the teaching approach you offer is in par with the demands and needs of the 21st century’s children?

Each child differs in comprehension, memory capacity, and learning approach. So, what’s your solution to cater to so many young brains at the same time? Wondering? No idea? The answer is turning your classrooms smart with technologies.

Any classroom can be smart at an affordable price without changing or refurbishing the infrastructure. All you require is a vision to provide quality and digitalized education that makes learning personalized for every student.

What is a Smart Classroom?

A smart classroom is an initiative or approach that equips a normal classroom with digitally enhanced gadgets to boost the effectiveness of the learning process and learning outcomes.

These classrooms are powered with technology, utilizing the most recent devices and gadgets. For instance, one of the most credible smart classroom tools is mobile apps.

Teachers can use customized mobile applications in a hundred different ways to engage students and increase their dimension of reasoning.

Composite School in Varanasi district, UP using Class Saathi clickers
K-8 school in Varanasi using Class Saathi clickers

How Can We Make Classrooms Smart With Technology?

- Provide quality education by blending technology and creation. For example, smart videos can turn Pythagoras Theorem into a colorful graphical representation, making it less boring and more engrossing.

- Get easy access to notes and web resources. Ex: Teachers can share web links and other web-based resources with students to help them prepare their projects and thesis.

- Personalize syllabuses and studies. Ex: Students can now respond to teachers personally and raise their doubts and questions one on one.

- Manage and notice children’s productivity more effectively. Ex: Teachers can pay personal attention to each student, refine their strengths and work on their weaknesses by implementing customized approaches.

- Engage with parents more fruitfully. Ex: Parents can see their child’s progress report in real-time on the app dashboard.

Institutions can implement smart classrooms in various ways. But basically, it starts with a mobile application.

If you can build a smart mobile application for your students, you will be way ahead of other institutions in delivering high-quality and systematic education to students.

Teacher in K-8 classroom in Varanasi school using Class Saathi for quick assessments.
Composite school teacher in Varanasi using Class Saathi for quick assessments

How Can You Implement Smart Classrooms?

Classrooms powered by technology are not only beneficial to students but also advantageous for school faculties.

Smart apps streamline teachers’ work with features like attendance recording, adding, modifying and sharing teaching content, statistical analysis of students’ behaviour, performance management, and other administrational works.

For instance, instead of sending an invite about the upcoming annual exam to each student and parents via mail, teachers or school administrators can share the detailed information, including the program agenda and other stuff in one go via the app.

Here’s another example, teachers can conduct quizzes and other tests on mobile applications and review the results quickly instead of using the traditional paper and pen approach.

Do you want to be a part of the ever-growing smart classroom culture?

Class Saathi can help you achieve your learning-related goals with carefully curated and highly engaging solutions for students, parents, and teachers.

You can use the Class Saathi mobile app on its own or pair it with clickers. Clickers are quick response remote controllers connected to the app via Bluetooth.

They let every student respond to the teacher’s questions and take part in quizzes and multiple-choice tests, immediately and much easily.

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