Re-building Smart Classrooms: Why is Class Saathi important?
March 02, 2021

It is the day and age of technology. Now more than ever. At work, at home and especially in schools. It is almost as if the world has fallen into an echo chamber that cries “pandemic pandemic!” constantly with faint sounds of “smart classrooms” emerging from the background. These cries are extremely noticeable since it is indeed the need of the hour.

At TagHive, we need to track these growing trends for obvious reasons. What we have noticed emerge as a keyword during the whole pandemic is “digital divide”.

How is a digital divide even possible at the advent of technological evolution? Everybody wants to know that especially given how we have comfortably been the recipients of a learning model called the “Smart Classroom” model.

On a weekly catch up-call, our CEO Pankaj Agarwal, prodded us to think about Smart Classrooms and what they entail. Our quest to investigate this conversation turned us towards Google, the millennial archives as it is called now.

A simple Google search will tell you that a Smart Classroom is a blended learning experience facilitated by the use of a smart board, internet, electricity, tabs, computers, projectors...every other expensive tech investment and the likes.

TagHive provides digital learning solutions for everybody. We are fully aware of our product and its various components. Yet, it took us this very moment to celebrate the app for what it truly is - a Smart Classroom in itself! Now let’s review a couple of thoughts that sprung our way during the course of this deliberation:

1) Class Saathi is a mobile-based, AI-powered learning platform. We do not need a fully integrated digital environment to use it. Is it still a Smart Classroom? Yes! Class Saathi functions like a physical smart classroom. We provide quizzes, and the children receive real-time video-based explanations to learn concepts. This process does not require a dedicated building.

Class Saathi is a mobile-based, AI-powered learning platform.
Class Saathi is a mobile-based, AI-powered learning platform

2) The number of tablets in a classroom does not make it smart. What does, however, make a classroom smart is Class Saathi’s integration in it. We do not need any additional tech support to function. We operate exceptionally well by being the Smart Saathi in classrooms.

3) A power cut can easily disrupt a physically viable Smart Classroom. You got it right, Class Saathi requires no additional power consumption to determine its functions. A fully charged phone and some keen inquisitive apps are the only things we need in class to make it a smart classroom.

Track your students remotely, monitor attendance, learning outcomes and status thru Class Saathi
Class Saathi requires no additional power consumption

4) Smart Classrooms require an enhanced physical environment for better learning. We strongly disagree because we don't need such things. Right now, the important thing to know is that a smart classroom can be assembled without incurring high costs.

5) Smart classrooms have evolved with the hope that one day they will be the only teaching component in an education system. However, we made it a conscious decision to involve the parents so that they could be facilitators more than Smart Classrooms for these students.

Pankaj, in his attempt to foster creative thinking, has shown us what Class Saathi truly is - a smart classroom solution for all!

If you’d like to discuss how Class Saathi can help you, please don’t hesitate to email us at [email protected].

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