Here’s How to Bridge the Gap Between Parents and School
July 11, 2019

Helping to make parents, equal partners in improving the learning outcomes of their children.

True school reform will always begin with an increase in parental involvement in education. It has been proven time and time again that parents who invest time and place value on their child’s education will have children who are more successful in school”, says Educational Leader, Derrick Meador in his article – Effective Strategies to Increase Parental Involvement in Education.

Educational research has enough evidence around the fact that families have a major influence on their children’s attendance and achievement in school.
Caption: Class Saathi dashboard to keep parents informed of their child's performance.

For children to grow into capable, responsible adults they need conducive and stimulating learning environments not just at school but also outside of it, at home, and in the community.

This would mean schools informing parents about what and how their child is learning and parents providing adequate support to children in their homework.

In India, children spend anywhere between 800 – 1000 hours in a year at school which amounts to less than 20% of their annual time.

Hence what they do in the 80% of the out-of-school time will have a greater impact on their learning outcomes and progress in school.

Class Saathi understands that to make learning more children-centric, the first step would be to bridge the gap between parents and the school.

The Class Saathi parent app provides a daily report to parents on their child’s everyday performance at school in quizzes for each subject and also notifies them about any badges that the child receives.

Parents also receive real-time notifications about their child’s attendance. Children have the option to review and revise quizzes already conducted in the classroom on their parent’s mobiles. Parents also receive a monthly personalized summary of their child’s overall performance at school and it highlights the child’s strengths. Not just this, the app also suggests additional learning material and practice tools for children to work on, thus making learning more personalized for each child.

Thus, the Class Saathi app establishes a continuous loop of learning, with the child at the center and equal investment from the school and parents in their learning and progress.

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