How to Effectively Learn From Home?
November 23, 2020

The COVID-19 lockdown has forced people all around the world to rethink how everything works. One of the biggest impacts is seen in conventional activities like learning. Learning individually without much assistance or peer group is becoming the new normal. We are slowly realising it’s not that bad and it may actually have more benefits if done properly.

Since we are so used to learning at schools or colleges, studying at home doesn’t come naturally to a lot of us and it needs a carefully crafted plan to become successful. In this article, we’ve put together a set of simple and realistic tips that can help you learn from home effectively.

1. Prepare a schedule and stick to it

Usually, when we have a limited amount of time, we tend to be more efficient and hence productive as well. But, given the no-restriction environment at home, it can sometimes get overwhelming to complete all the tasks you set out for yourself. This can also be stressful. So, it is important that you prepare a schedule: daily, weekly, and monthly.

Start with bigger goals say at a monthly level. Keep them limited so that it is possible for you to achieve them. Divide them into weekly milestones and further down to daily. Ensure that you’ve completed your set goals before going to bed. Even if you miss out on something, ensure that you review and understand where you fell short.
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This process will help you get better over a period of time. Remember, achieving 80% of a plan is much better than not having a plan at all. Also, in everything you do consistency is the key. Making a schedule is not as difficult as consciously following it on a daily basis. However, once you put yourself into the habit it will become muscle memory to you.

2. Find a community

No matter how much we cherish individuality, we are still very social by nature. Hence learning at home can sometimes become very uninteresting. Since a lot of people are still learning at home, it is now easier than ever to find a learning community of your choice. Whether it be your close circle of friends or an online community, peer groups definitely keep us motivated.

If you are not much of a social person you can even start an online journal e.g., on Instagram, to meet people who have study interests similar to yours. Some popular hashtags you can use in your posts are #studygram or #studywithme.
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3. Give yourself the required breaks

While you are giving your 100% to excel in your learning journey, it is also important that you give your mind and body an ample amount of break to recharge. You can do this by studying in shorter intervals. This is scientifically proven to increase concentration as well.

One good example of this is the POMODORO technique which recommends working for 25 minutes at a stretch followed by 5 minutes of break time. After doing this cycle for 4 times, allow yourself to take a longer break of 15–20 minutes.
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4. Designated workspace

In a learn-from-home environment, you will naturally spend hours glued to your workspace. Firstly, identify a designated desk or workspace that you can occupy for the required duration. Avoid studying on a couch or any place that you normally use to do other things. This will naturally set you in the focus mode. Also, if you are using a desk ensure that you organize and clean it regularly.

A cluttered space will easily distract your mind. Keep only those things handy that you are going to use immediately. Create a blank space that you can use to write. Ensure the space has proper lighting and ventilation so that you are comfortable studying.
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5. Track your progress

No matter how hard you work, if you do not track and measure your progress there is little you will gain at the end of it all. Review all the portions you covered at the end of the day, and analyse your progress towards the bigger goals. Understand your wins and find out the shortcomings. All these small learnings will go a long way in helping you successfully complete all your goals.

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What has been your experience of learning from home during this lockdown? Let us know in the comments below.

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