Only Class Saathi Can Teach You These Lifelong Skills
October 04, 2020

In the 21st Century, the focus of education is shifting from memorizing facts to developing life-long learning skills. Thanks to these skills, our students can tackle novel challenges in any environment. Here’s a look at four of these important skills that students can develop on the Class Saathi App:

Man using Class Saathi app on laptop and mobile
Self-learn with Class Saathi

1. Self-Directed Learning

Self-directed learning is when students lead themselves through the learning process. This begins with determining one’s own learning needs and setting goals[1]. Class Saathi empowers students from the start by allowing them to select the subject, chapter, level, and task of their learning.

For example, a student might want to start with a competitive quiz, take a 20 or 40 question test, review their work from the last session, or dive into the chapter learning. Next, the student must find and implement the best learning strategies that work for their learning style.

In Class Saathi, students have access to powerful tools that enable them to design their own learning. They can use a timer, filter questions by difficulty level, and even add questions from outside the app using the Pocket feature. The students also have the ability to manage their grades.

If they have completed the criteria set for each class, they can graduate to the next class while also earning an open-badge compliant Saathi certificate. The ability to use one’s own initiative to drive personal growth is essential for entrepreneurship and creative projects; it is this self-drive that the Class Saathi app seeks to foster.

2. Information Management

In our digital age the biggest topic is data. With an endless amount of information at our fingertips, we must quickly access the most important information and not get lost in the search. The Class Saathi app helps students learn to manage and navigate data by providing them with powerful filtering tools. For example, students can see a complete list of the questions they answered in the review tab of the app.

They can then use specific filters for chapter, time period, question type to search for the questions they want to review. Students can even bookmark questions to create their own unique study sets. Rather than presenting each question as a one-time exercise, Class Saathi let’s students view questions as data that can be sorted through to find patterns and answers.

3. Problem Solving

When it comes to mathematics, problem-solving skills are essential. However, these same skills are also crucial outside of the classroom. When a programmer discovers a new bug in the software or an architect hears that their budget will be halved, both need to be able to find strategic solutions and get back on track.

The Class Saathi App presents students with a variety of questions that require careful planning to solve. If a student answers a question incorrectly, the Class Saathi AI will give new questions to test these missed skills. This ensures that the student will have to apply their problem-solving skills and not just memorize the answer they saw before.

4. Directed Focus

With the prevalence of social media, children's attention spans are lowering every year. However, the ability to focus on a task is still of critical importance outside of the classroom. Imagine a surgeon who lacks the attention span for the lengthy operation or a newspaper editor who stops reading halfway through the article! With the Class Saathi app, students build up their focus by working from five question quizzes to 20 question and then 40 question tests.

Studying math and science today may seem no different from thirty years ago, but Class Saathi truly brings learning into the 21st century. So next time you see someone using Class Saathi, you will know that they are building skills that will last a lifetime.

[1] Knowles, M. (1975) Self-directed learning: A guide for learners and teachers, New York: Cambridge Books.

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