AI helps make students learn simpler

Artificial Intelligence is all about what makes life easy. To use it is a privilege and the world over technocrats are rallying to make AI an everyday part of our lives. This holds true, especially in the field of education and nowhere is AI more useful than here. Here are the top five ways in which AI builds frameworks that help students learn simpler.

1. Everything is data driven –
AI does not know how to operate on bias. This is the first major advantage as it prevents students from feeling bias that can otherwise originate in a classroom. Every single one of their activities on any given learning platform is tracked, scored and recorded almost instantly and so the learning recommendations prescribed by AI are based heavily on evidence. This makes for a transparent and transformational learning experience.

2. AI can break things down to their simplest form –
If AI can find out the learning gaps of each student in no time, what it can also do is present information in a way that can be easily consumed by students based on their grasping power. AI has evolved to such a degree that it can also cater to students who struggle with learning disabilities and give them information in ways that they can consume it the best! What an absolutely remarkable achievement!

3. AI can record pace and help students widen their knowledge base –
AI can also record the pace at which a student learns. It can do this for each individual student even if a learning platform caters to over 10 million students. It can identify the pace at which a student learns and formulate an intelligent framework that can help students increase their pace so that they can retain more information as time goes on!

4. A diagnostic tool –
AI has been built to sustain effective learning for all students. There is not a more diverse or inclusive learning environment you will find anywhere in the world. AI is used and leveraged as technology that can diagnose student learning, in whatever ways need be. For instance, technology has progressed to such a degree that it can be used to check for learning disabilities in students!

5. Global access to resources –
The world has become a smaller place with technology and this means that students can access resources from anywhere in the world. With AI, students will be able to learn from any place in the world through resources that can be accessed at any time!

It is okay to be suspicious of technology but allow that fear and suspicion to stem from an educated space. Earlier, technology was considered a distraction from tasks and goals. Now, however, it is recommended as a system that allows students to learn most optimally. Now check out our app Class Saathi which enables students to learn most optimally!